TNT is Bringing the Drama

No longer is the one hour drama series overshadowed by the big networks. TNT, once known for showing syndicated dramas, cartoons and old movies, has begun to produce quality original drama series. “The Closer”, “Leverage”, “Memphis Blue” and the recently debuted “Rizzoli and Isles” are definitely shows to watch, or at least remember to DVR.


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What’s in Those Gates?

Vampires, Werewolves and succubus, oh my! What’s going on in The Gates? The show has been on ABC for about six weeks now and has been slow at revealing it’s secrets…

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Who’s Drinking the Locke Kool-Aid

Just a few more days until Lost is finally over and we may or may not learn the secret of the island. But we will definitely get closure on the fate of the characters. I’m looking forward to it, since just a few shows actually get a proper ending. Many get canceled without notice, so we are often left hanging at the end of a season.

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I’ve Lost my Heroes

I’ve spent four seasons watching Heroes, waiting to see what will happen. How did they become? Will Cylar turn good? Will they tell the world about their abilities? And even though last season kinda sucked, I still stood by them and watched. Hoping that I would get the answer to some of my questions.

So what was announced this week? NBC is canceling my Heroes! What! I’m not completely shocked, their ratings have been on a steady decline since their second season, after they saved the cheerleader. However, they did have the same ratings as their Monday night lead-in “Chuck”

So what happened? Did people just grow tired of the story? As Heroes steadily decreased, Chuck was increasing in ratings and online views. Did the Good vs Evil story line get over played, while not concentrating on the characters abilities? Did The Company completely confuse everyone?

There are talks that there may be a mini-series or movie made to finish out the Heroes storyline. I really hope that happens, because I felt there were a lot of unanswered questions.

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CBS Says Goodbye…

CBS announced its fall lineup this week. They have plans to debut quite a few new shows, but they are also saying goodbye to some fan favorites.

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Where’d you Go?

As the fall season is being announced, I’m seeing where they are moving all of my favorite shows. Many are staying in their current spots. Others may have been moved so they can be canceled. Who knows?

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I’m a Gleek!

So one TV show I didn’t think I was really going to get into was Glee. But this show has turned out to be the best show of the year.

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