Who’s Drinking the Locke Kool-Aid

May 20, 2010 at 6:20 pm Leave a comment

Just a few more days until Lost is finally over and we may or may not learn the secret of the island. But we will definitely get closure on the fate of the characters. I’m looking forward to it, since just a few shows actually get a proper ending. Many get canceled without notice, so we are often left hanging at the end of a season.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the last few episodes, you may want to stop reading here!

So every since Sawyer said the line “Jack is drinking the Locke Kool-Aid” I’ve wanted to use it. For a minute we really couldn’t tell whose side Jack was on, and it was getting pretty good. But the twist last week of Ben going to the dark side shocked me. When Alana was going to kill him a few episodes ago, he said he had no one to go to and he wanted to go the good side.

Then Ben killed Widmore! Seriously, I wasn’t expecting that one, but that’s the joys of Lost, you never know what the characters are going to do. He was seeking revenge for Widmore killing his “daughter” Alex and vowed to kill Penny.

Desmond is off in the sideways world trying to show everyone how they are connected. And several are seeing the light. But where is Desmond on the island? He wasn’t in the well that Locke dropped him down. And Widmore admitted that Desmond was a fail-safe. He was the only one that survived the electromagnetic event. So is Desmond supposed to be the keeper of the island?

Is the show about destiny and fate, or choices? The island chose Jacob over the Man in Black (by the way, why doesn’t he have a name?) But last week Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hugley were to decide among themselves he would take over being the leader. Now I’m just waiting for Sunday night, to see how Jack will protect the island, and who Ben will kill next for the Locke (or Man in Black).

So as the show is ending, what are you expecting to see? And what are you disappointed that you didn’t see. I’m disappointed that everyone came back except for Mr. Eko. But I can’t wait to see who is the mother of Jack’s son in the sideways world.

The Man in Black (MIB) still confuses me. We know that Jacob killed him, and he turned into the smoke monster. After that it seemed that MIB could only manifest himself in dead people, such as Jack’s dad or Locke. But last season’s finale had Jacob and MIB looking into the ocean as the Blackrock ship arrived, the one that Jacob had somehow summoned. So how did MIB manifest as himself then and when on the ship meeting Richard for the first time?


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